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​Tuesday- Friday 8:30a.m.-4:30pm also the 1st and 3rd Saturday of each month by appt.

We Boast a 5 Star modern salon! We offer gentle, patient, loving care, while providing skilled grooming. Our award winning groomers are sure to meet any expectations. We love what we do and welcome dogs to a safe clean environment. We are open by appointment and call when they are ready ( usually about 3 hours). We take pride in our ability to do amazing quality of work. We are proud members of the National Dog groomers Association of America. Also, Conway Chamber of Commerce.

See our services and prices below.  We look forward to hearing from you and serving your companion. Weather its a shave down or a high end hand scissor we are the salon for you! We now accept Credit Cards! Visa ,Mastercard, Discover, and American Express! Read about us below to see WHY WE GROOM! Raising money to help others one dog at a time! 

Setting a new Standard!


Who are we anyway? An why Choose Us?

Riverpaws Pet Spa is a 5-star rated full service Pet Grooming salon in Historic Conway with over 27yrs experience. We are so happy to be serving our local community. It is our goal to create a new standard to grooming. It should not be a dreaded scary place. It should be A SPA DAY!!!!  Here at Riverpaws we aim to be your pets second family. With a small staff of 4 we want to get to know you and your furbabies. We aim to remember everyone in this "mom an pop" business.  We offer full service grooming haircuts, nail trims, glands, teeth brushing, deshed treatments, body massage, and much much more. A high end stress free atmosphere is important to us. Affordable prices make pampering your baby easy.  We understand that its a big step to trust us with your beloved pets. I know ours are our children. With no heated driers we assure they will never over heat. We also have large 3x5 foot individual play runs with beds and toys to ensure their comfort. It usually takes 3. Hours for small dogs. 4. hours for large dogs are the most common groom times. We can call if its shorter! Hand drying ensures the highest level of a professional look to their groom.  Along with high end all natural shampoo products to ensure only the best for your pups. Yes, it is very clean! We constantly clean, there is no bad smells or fleas here! Humans want to stay too! Our experienced staff will ensure gentle skilled care. We never drug or sedate your dogs nor do we give the any people food. We do however have a couch they are allowed on so they may come home spoiled!  Put your mind at ease and look no farther. Welcome to the Riverpaws Family!

RiverPaws Pet Spa offers Full Service dog grooming for most dog breeds! Open By Appointment. Certified Groomer of 18 years! Modern, Clean an Close!

315 Main St. Suite 2 Conway SC 29526


Please call us for more info or to schedule!


Our Products and Services


Full Service Grooms:

Full Service Grooming: Includes a Bath with all natural high end shampoo specific to their need, nails clipped (we can sand for 5. extra), ears cleaned and plucked or shaved out, glands expressed (if needed) and standard haircut of choice after a hand dry and gentle brushing. We have 3 very experienced groomers that rotate so the doggies get to know us all. We are always gentle and never sedate dogs! We are proud to say we hand dry all the way if the doggie is not stressed. We NEVER put your doggies in a heated dryer! We do not even have them. If your doggie feels safer under a fan rather then a professional hand dryer it will be a room temp. standard fan in a open air play run. We just want them to be safe and feel happy!  Your groomer will spend one on one time making sure your pet feels safe and loved. We groom by appt. and schedule time to pamper them. We strive to give them an enjoyable experience at the spa! We take pride in our loving care! We treat for fleas in the shop so they will not carry any critters home. 


SMALL BREEDS: shihtzu, yorkie, maltese exc...$50 $50.

MEDIUM BREEDS: cockapoo's, spaniels, schnauzers, bichons exc... $55.

MED/ LARGE BREEDS: Springer, boykin, Kerry Blue exc, $65. 

LARGE BREEDS: Doodles,  Goldens, St. Poos an other large breeds are $65-75 *70

However, if dogs are matted or require a lot of hand scissoring, or temper makes for a challenging groom, price may increase By $5.00

 All of our products are High grade professional, ALL NATURAL Shampoos! You can ask to see for yourself! Only the best for our Clients!

Baths Pack:

Don't need a full groom? That's ok! We offer Just baths with a nail trim and ear cleaning.  You may also choose to add a de-shed treatment or a trim to feet, eyes and sanitary for $10Extra0. We also have medicated bath plans for troubled skin. See Below for Before and After

Small Dogs under 13lbs $25

Medium 13-25lbs $30.

Medium/ Large 25-35lbs $35

Large 35+ lbs $40+

These are quotes for baths with short coats. If your dog has long hair or undercoat it may need additional brushing and drying.

Add on Options:

Make it a SPA DAY! Add select options to any full groom or bath!

*Teeth Brushing

*Paw Moist Treatment

*Body Massage

*Nail Sanding

*Flea Shampoo or Medicated

Pick and Choose: add-on's only $5.00 ea.! or pick 4 for $15.

Teeth Brushing 5.

Nail Sanding 5.

medicated Bath 5.

Advantage 15.

Paw moist treatment for dry pads 5.

flea bath 5.

Deshed treatment 10.

Things to know about us!

W​e accept VISA, MASTERCARD, DISCOVER, an AMERICAN EXPRESS or CASH, (please no large bills we do not keep access cash in Business. Change is available in small amounts only. We allow @ 3 hours. ask us about multi dog discounts. Please call or text to cancel or reschedule 24 hours in advance. We do not offer de-matting for severe cases or groom dogs that bite or flail as it is too dangerous to the dog and us. We love all dogs and understand they are not bad! We must put safety first and cannot be liable. We look forward to serving you!​

We're a team of dedicated individuals who love what we do. Contact us to learn more!